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SantaBot Techno SantaBot Techno

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

good. but needs more..

wasn't bad. it could be made into a better loop, but ultimately i think you could work the 2 ideas you have here into something much bigger and better.if you used these 2 sections with some better drum beats, and some nice thick bass lines you could have a real winner on your hands.

as it is now, youve cut it a little short for it loop properly. and it generally feels empty. but the first section would make a very good loop for a game.

keep it up


WeHaveFreshCookies responds:

I've been hearing that. And I agree. Both melodies were nice, and could use separate development. Thank you for the review.

Cidade Sol Cidade Sol

Rated 4 / 5 stars

nice work

enjoyed this, not really my style but i enjoyed it none the less.

the chord progessions you used were nice and fluid, and gave the piece a relaxing feel. and the beeps and plucks carried a nice fluid melodic line that didn't hog too much attention.
The alteration of the hi-hats worked well and stopped the piece from getting tiresome, also the glitches used were fatastic and not over used.
The break downs were well done.

The bass line is a little static, would have been nice to have heard some variation in those parts, but the other parts had plenty of variation so its not a bit issue.
And personally i found the samples in some sections to get a little irritating, mainly where there repating the higher notes such as 00:24 - 00:47

other than that a well recorded and well produced piece.


.:Dixieland Reborn:. .:Dixieland Reborn:.

Rated 5 / 5 stars


haha really enjoyed it, great instrumentation, and brilliant use of counterpoint. reminds me a lot of the cantina band music from starwars.
The piece is very fluid and moves a long nicely. doesnt get tiresome either. and yeah your right to be proud of the piano solo, it works well.

as has been said before th instruments dont sound very realistic, but honestly i dont think thats really a problem.

keep up the good work

review request club.

camoshark responds:

Thanks alot for the quick response!

Lol, I guess it does kind of sound like it, I hadn't really noticed until now!

Thanks for the praise, You've pinpointed the good elements of the song, so I'll be able to move forward with these!

Samuel Hébert

Essence of Memory Essence of Memory

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

lovely stuff.

wow what a brilliant piece.

in terms of composition i cant fault this piece. the chord progressions are brilliant, the strings back up the piano flawlessly. and its well structured. a truly beautiful piece.

the recording side is fine, but i think you shouldn't have gone quite so overboard with the reverd, it works in most places but theres a few moments when it could be reined in a bit.

all in all a lovely piece of music, kinda reminds me of coldplay (no offence intended). i think some vocals could set this piece alight, if you get some good soft breathy female vocals (something kinda like isobel campbell) it would work brilliantly. keep up the good work.

Sawdust responds:

Nah it's cool, I'm a Coldplay fan myself.

Thanks for the review!

Microsoft Sam Microsoft Sam

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


i like it. it has a nice smooth feel to it it blends together very nice.

i liked the synths, they were both nice a subtle but worked really well. the sounds that you used 00:48 onwards to create a beat all worked well with one another. my only gripe is the hi-hat sound, its a little dry you could mabey do with eqing it or mabey trying a different patch.

id say that the piece could mabey have an extra section with a new idea, but despite that the piece is well structured and doesn't get too repetitive.

the microsoft sam sample worked well but since its only in there once it feels a bit randomly placed in, you could mabey work on using that sample to greater use.

Also it curretly feels a little hollow, i think it would be nice if you could beef the sound up a bit, but really thats just my opinion.

on the whole very good.

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Echoing Dreams Echoing Dreams

Rated 4 / 5 stars


has a lot of potential, would love to hear a fully bad playing this.

Some vocals would be nice, but the track seems complete without them, so it should be fine. really enjoyed that oriental sounding plunky synth. to me it sounds like a nice mix between qotsa and trail of the dead, with a japanese influence.

Think the recording quality could be beefed up, i say the drums and th rhythm guitar should be made more prominent in the mix, and to hear it with a real guitar sounds would be awesome. oh and nice ending.

but other than that i would say thisis a great track and i hope to hear some more stuff from you soon.

Skwintz (AfroJack) Skwintz (AfroJack)

Rated 3 / 5 stars

i like it

it has a great sound to it, im gonna have to check out this afro jack. the piece is well structured, and never seems to become dull.

i agree with the guy below me that the drums seem a little out of sync, but that may be because it kinda fades in. also i think this would benefit greatly from some vocas, or some samples.

just try ad sort out that timing issue and it will be well away

review request club.

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.:The Turkish Tango:. .:The Turkish Tango:.

Rated 4 / 5 stars


the modal chords worked really well, and it has been instrumented very well. it make me think of the game for the mega drive where you were riding a motorbike and it was kinda 3d, cant remember the name of it.

only thing id really say is that it doesn't really sound turkish, id say a turkish song would probably use more of a gypsy scale or somethig similar.

but still great work, im enjoying your stuff.

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camoshark responds:

Thanks for the review!

Don't know that game, I should maybe check it out...

The turkish name actually reffers to the time signature, wich is in 7/8.

Anyways, glad you enjoyed!

Samuel Hébert

~Alfa~ Beyond ~Alfa~ Beyond

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

not my cup o' tea...

but very good.

i enjoyed the nice relaxing sound that this track had to it, everything was well balanced, and nothing felt too overpowering. you have used some very nice synths in this track, and i like the simple beat that just kind of sat at the back and didn't draw to much attention to itself.

The piece just seemed to flow allong so smoothly it makes it hard to talk about the structure, everythig was just so fluid each section blended to gether perfcectly.

i think the one thing this piece is missing is vocals, there were sounds in the backgrund that made me think vocals were about to enter, and felt kinda let down when they didn't.

but none the less very good.

Minor Light - Dematerialized Minor Light - Dematerialized

Rated 4 / 5 stars

very good..

well structured, and some very nice synth sounds used. as said before, very chilled out. would work very well in a game of some kind.

would have been nice to hear some variety in the drums tho, i foud that they got a bit repetitive, but other than that a very nice track.

julius33 responds:

Ty for the review.
Im not sure about the drum part since i couldnt think of making them less repetitive, they are just meant to keep the track flowing but not to be the thing you are paying much attention to imo...